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let's open the door together

06/18/2021 09:28:12 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

We are in this transitional period between strict quarantine and herd immunity. Since there are few Americans alive who can tell us what life was like during the 1917 pandemic, no one has personal experience in navigating this unexplored terrain. The CDC says one thing, states may agree or disagree, well-meaning doctors and scientists release social media videos that claim something else, and...Read more...

Shehecheyanu part II

06/10/2021 05:26:56 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

We held our first in-person services this past Shabbat, and while I did not have any trepidation about holding a service unmasked with other inoculated people who were also unmasked, I was not sure how people would respond to the opportunity to meet in person. Would fear keep people away? Would the fact that we have not met in person for sixteen months have made religious services superfluous? Is...Read more...

a Shehecheyanu moment

06/03/2021 09:41:23 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I attended my first in-person morning minyan since March 13, 2020 today. That’s nearly 15 months, or, 445 days. It was great to greet people personally that I have only greeted through Zoom, and one had just become a grandparent. Alas, the traditional L’chayim was absent. I was asked to lead the davening, which I was honored to do. I began by asking those present to permit me the privilege...Read more...

the emissary of the people

05/27/2021 08:21:17 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

Permit me to tell you about an amazing group of colleagues that I am very fond of – Cantors. This week I have been attending a virtual conference, which is difficult under any set of circumstances, but even more difficult when your colleagues live around the world. What should be the starting time for an event? If we regularly hold evening concerts at 7:00PM, does that not exclude Israeli...Read more...

the real tragedy

05/20/2021 08:35:39 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I offer before you selections from four different documents. Your task is to read them and determine which one belongs to Hamas, Hezbollah, Israel or the PLO. The answers are at the end of this blog. After you have made your determinations and checked at the end, please return to the remainder of the blog.

We extend our hand to all neighboring states and their peoples in an offer of...Read more...

contract renewal

05/13/2021 08:38:13 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

All of us have subscriptions and contracts that have annual renewal dates. Whether it is insurance policies, vehicle registrations, credit cards, or media, much of what we engage in has an annual renewal date, and most likely an increase in the rate charged. We can lament all we want about the continued increase in costs for these items, as their percent increases are generally not...Read more...

we are so much alike

05/06/2021 03:57:30 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I had the privilege of attending an iftar this past Sunday evening hosted by the Turkish Cultural Center. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset each day, with the meal that ends that day’s fast called an iftar. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims pray, performs acts of kindness and give to worthwhile causes. About fifteen of us sat in a tent outdoors. We saw a...Read more...

have we met god's expectations?

04/29/2021 08:26:41 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

We read the following in Genesis 1:28: God blessed them [Adam and Eve] and God said to them, “Be fertile and increase, fill the earth and master it; and rule the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all the living things that creep on the earth.”  God then makes provisions to sustain all life on the planet, and at the conclusion of Chapter 1, God found all that God had made to...Read more...

i refuse to become numb

04/22/2021 09:29:24 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

How does one not become numb when learning of another mass shooting? What words of consolation can I offer that do not appear insincere or trite? Why is it that the most famous product “Made in America” is the mass shooting, with nearly 130 taking place since January 1 of this year?

While I do not know if your response to a mass...Read more...

this is how you remember

04/15/2021 08:56:23 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

In 1949 and 1950, Yom HaZikaron, Israel’s Memorial Day, was observed on the same day as its’ Independence Day. Families of the fallen soldiers expressed concern to then Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who was also Minister of Defense, that the celebratory nature of Independence Day minimized the solemnity of remembrance. In January 1951, Ben-Gurion established the “Public Council for...Read more...

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