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09/23/2021 10:47:39 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

The language that the Torah uses directs us in how we observe the various sacred occasions legislated within. For example, when we read about the Shabbat in chapter 23 of Leviticus, which happens to be the portion read on the first two days of Sukkot, the operative word is “Shabbat”, which means “cessation from work”. We learn from this that the primary feature of Shabbat is exactly...Read more...

don't worry. be happy. 

09/15/2021 10:10:37 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

While some might revel in the fact that this first month of the Jewish year features twelve holiday days out of thirty days, others might suggest that it is a bit of an overdose, as for some, once Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have concluded, they are over-Judaized, and need to take a break. The unfortunate victim of that is the festival of Sukkot, which begins on the 15th day of the month of...Read more...

the most important day of the year

09/09/2021 09:31:30 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

When asked about the most important day of the year, most Jews will probably answer “Yom Kippur”. Let’s examine for a moment what Yom Kippur is all about. We just began on Rosh Hashanah an intense ten-day period of reflection called in Hebrew Aseret Y’mei Teshuvah, Ten Days of Teshuvah. It is during these ten days that we are to seek out those we have wronged or may have wronged, and...Read more...

a life in which the worthy desires of our hearts are fulfilled. 

09/02/2021 10:37:16 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

What words can I share after crafting all of my holiday sermons, something that does not repeat the themes that I am focusing upon? Every new year begins with the promise of hope, that the year will be a better one, filled with joy, laughter and good health. Despite our desires to be in a post-COVID era, we are not. In fact, some of the protocols that we had thought were retired have returned,...Read more...

09/02/2021 10:37:01 AM


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the beauty of god's creation

08/26/2021 09:17:38 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I had the distinct privilege and honor this past Monday to speak at the prestigious Chautauqua Institution, as the keynote speaker to kick off the ninth and final week there, with the subject being “resilience”. While I had heard of Chautauqua Institution before, I had never been there, and I’m delighted that I had the opportunity. It is a gated community situated on the beautiful shores...Read more...

down the drain it must go

08/19/2021 12:39:49 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

A date passed by rather quietly in America, which to some degree is good, but nonetheless a human life was lost on that date, and her name was Heather Heyer. The city was Charlottesville, Virginia, and on August 11, 2017, people arrived to protest the city council’s plan to remove a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee from the town square. Counter-protestors also arrived, those who favored the city...Read more...

a 10.0

08/12/2021 08:52:32 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

We began the month of Elul this past Sunday evening, which positions us in the countdown period that concludes with the 1st of Tishrei, Rosh Hashanah 5782. During this concluding month of the year, we add Psalm 27 both morning and evening, and the shofar is sounded at the conclusion of morning services except for Shabbat.

Have you ever...

life is like a roller coaster

08/05/2021 12:22:17 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Thus begins the Charles Dickens classic, “A Tale of Two Cities”. This describes the past two weeks in my family’s life. I had the privilege of escorting my daughter up our driveway last summer and then performing her wedding ceremony. Due to COVID-19, only a few people were present, and fortunately, no one contracted it that day....Read more...

time will tell

07/15/2021 01:35:43 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I had the privilege of being invited by Elisha Wiesel, son of Elie Wiesel, to speak at the No Fear rally in front of our nation’s Capitol building this past Sunday, July 11. My immediate thoughts centered on the horrific conclusion that nearly three years after the massacre in Tree of Life, I have to go to Washington, DC, for this type of rally, as the disease of antisemitism refuses to go...Read more...

Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782