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we will persevere, together

02/11/2021 07:04:04 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

There is a wonderful expression in modern Hebrew: Ein Koneh Savlanut B’chanut. It translates into “One cannot purchase patience in a store”, although the Hebrew rhyme in the last syllable of the last two words makes it more lyrical. While translating from one language into English sometimes leaves some of the flavor of the original text behind, I think that we get it. Patience is an...Read more...

we never really closed

02/04/2021 11:20:38 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

The incredible amount of immediate shifting that teachers had to do as schools quickly closed has been remarkable to behold, as they pivoted to previously unknown and unfamiliar technologies, creating engaging classrooms to continue the education process. Alas in many communities, the failure to provide Wi-Fi infrastructure to underserved neighborhoods and some sort of portable device for...Read more...

did egypt leave us?

01/28/2021 03:59:38 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

In this week’s Torah portion, B’shalach, the Exodus occurs followed by the crossing of the sea. In ensuing portions, we witness the initial challenges that Moses faces as a leader, as this brand new nation of people, having lived under slavery for over 350 years, do not yet know what it means to be free. They complain that life was better back in Egypt, as they had food, lodging and ample...Read more...

New beginnings

01/21/2021 09:37:47 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

New beginnings should be a time of hope and promise for a brighter tomorrow. Consider for a moment these beginnings, and what they mean or have meant to you: Rosh Hashanah (for my Jewish readers); January 1; acquiring a new car; moving into a new dwelling; getting married; the birth of a child, grandchild or great-grandchild; the start of summer if you live by the shore; the start of winter if...Read more...

sheep attack

01/14/2021 10:59:14 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

The challenges that clergy have faced have expanded far beyond their expectations and skill sets over the years. Whether one might be a Rabbi, Cantor, Imam, Priest, Reverend, Pastor, or Nun, for example, what is required goes far beyond what one learned at a Seminary. Of particular note are two areas of concern: pandemics and politics. No clergy was trained in the appropriate steps to take...Read more...

please god, bless america.

01/07/2021 08:53:48 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I’m speechless. I really don’t have the words. To watch an insurrection at the US Capitol, and learn that the previous assault at the Capitol was in 1814 when the British Army stormed during the War of 1812 and burned down the Capitol is horrific. I was brought to tears and traumatized, as I’m sure many of you were. For shame. Only questions remain.


the cat's in the cradle

12/31/2020 09:03:44 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

The most valuable resource that any of us can possess is time. Yet unlike money, one cannot bank it for use at a later date. One cannot hold it in your hands, or interfere with its’ progression. As you are reading this blog (thank you for reading), the future has quickly become the past. It is only through age and wisdom that we learn how invaluable it is, and wish that there were occasions...Read more...

12/24/2020 09:24:24 AM


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12/24/2020 09:23:45 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

With the Winter Solstice occurring this past Monday, the day with the least amount of daylight in the year has passed, although that is independent of the seemingly non-stop overcast days here in Pittsburgh. Each consecutive day now adds about one minute of daylight more than the prior day. For those who light Shabbat candles every week, you will notice that each Friday the time is...Read more...

be proud

12/17/2020 05:01:50 PM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

The most frequently referenced English name for Chanukah is The Festival of Lights, which is a direct translation of the Hebrew phrase used to greet people – hag ha-urim. We have witnessed a different type of light this year, and it is not of the standard candle flame nor electric type. It is the light of Divinely-inspired creativity. The pandemic has certainly taxed our imaginations, for...Read more...

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