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03/28/2024 09:32:00 AM


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03/21/2024 09:09:13 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I think that I remember correctly that seasons were not the roller coaster ride of temperature variations that they seem to be now during my childhood. It gradually got colder, with the potential exception of a few warm days amidst Autumn, and then gradually warmed up. There was a predictable cycle to them. Many might chime in at this point and claim that it is Global Warming. I do not know enough about the...Read more...

Time to be counted

03/14/2024 08:51:01 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

Haman, agog with the sense that fate itself had endorsed his wicked plan, went immediately to see King Achashverosh, and made the following declaration: “Your Majesty,” he said, “it has come to my attention that there is a certain folk scattered and dispersed among the peoples of the provinces of the kingdom whose laws are different from the ones the other ethnicities obey and, more to the point, who do not...Read more...

it takes a community

03/07/2024 08:56:23 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

It is easy to overlook the value of one’s community, especially with with the busy and complex
nature of our lives. I had the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the concept of community this
past week as we gathered to mourn the passing of someone dear to us. The outpouring of love
and support from so many people from so many diverse walks of life who shared a singular
thread of commonality through this family made the...

you can't buy patience in a store.

02/29/2024 09:12:09 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

All of us have limits to our patience. You probably know some people who have a short fuse and some who seem to possess an inexhaustible supply of patience. We are familiar with the experience of waiting on line, looking at our watches, and exhaling in a loud way. We also can marvel at a teacher who seems to just go with the flow. Technology seems to have shortened our patience quota. Have...Read more...

eye opening

02/22/2024 10:45:28 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I have watched mostly the response of Americans to the war in Gaza precipitated by the massacre on October 7. The media has shown a rather substantial anti-Israel response as well as photographs. Had the October 7 massacre not occurred, the current state of affairs would not be present, a point lost by most. Instead, many have offered 75 years of history as the inevitable, excusable response, as though the shocking...Read more...


02/15/2024 10:56:49 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

In the aftermath of the shooting on 10.27, I could not drive by the Tree of Life building, so I figured out detours to get to my destinations. Having driven by once, and with the emotional reaction I had at that moment, I knew that I could not, and did not do so for over one year. The same thoughts came to me as the deconstruction phase began and has now concluded. I did not want to drive by, and did so only once as...Read more...

what is commandedness?

02/08/2024 09:14:25 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I overheard a conversation recently where a person remarked that Judaism has a lot of rules and regulations, but I could not hear the response of the other party in the conversation.  I have no doubt that there are many, Jew and Gentile, who hold the above understanding of Judaism, and I can see why. Other than the Ten Commandments, which we read in last week’s Torah portion, there are 603 additional mitzvot,...Read more...

their containers are corroding.

02/01/2024 09:25:31 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

How would you define the word “good” without peeking into a dictionary? Is it one of those words, that to paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, “I know it when I see it”? Let’s take a moment to go back to our primary sources and see how it is defined. In Genesis 1:4, “God saw that the light was good”, and in 1:10 and 12, “God saw that this was good”. We are left to interpret what “good” means...Read more...


01/25/2024 08:59:56 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

One of the higher skills that separates us from most of the animal kingdom is the ability to imagine. Imagination and creativity have no doubt lead to much progress.  Science fiction writers like H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, H. P. Lovecraft and Isaac Asimov gave us the encouragement to dream beyond our current state. The communicator on Star Trek became the flip phone, and Dick Tracy’s...Read more...

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