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Lifecycle Offerings

A lifecycle event is an important moment of transition in a family, and we at Tree of Life are here to provide you with the guidance and support necessary through every stage of life. Whether it be birth, bnei mitzvah, marriage, or death, Jewish tradition has much to offer that makes the process more meaningful. We welcome your questions so that we can partner with you through life, for that is what community is all about. We are all on a sacred journey called life, and our Rabbi views his role to be your tour guide, to personalize your tour so that at the end, you might even say “Wow! That was some tour. Thank you.”  

You are warmly invited to contact our Rabbi, Jeffrey Myers, to help meet your needs at


The joy of birth is fraught with so many questions. How and where do I hold a brit milah or baby naming? Where do I find a mohel? What can you do for a daughter? What if it is twins? Tree of Life is here to help you navigate through these questions and explore how the beauty of Judaism enhances this special moment in your family’s life. 

Becoming Jewish

People choose to become Jewish for many reasons, and Tree of Life is here to explore the weighty questions with you, to discover jointly your path forward. We welcome all inquiries.

Religious School

Tree of Life students attend JJEP (Joint Jewish Education Program). Email to make arrangements for enrollment.

JJEP is a collaborative, pluralistic religious school run by Rodef Shalom Congregation and Congregation Beth Shalom. The mission of J-JEP is to provide innovative, experiential learning that will inspire and prepare students to engage meaningfully in Jewish life.

For more information about JJEP, visit

BNei Mitzvah

What began originally as a moment to mark the passage into adulthood in Judaism has become so much more. It is a moment of celebration for the entire community as it welcomes its newest adult member through love, joy and support. Every child is deserving of celebrating this important rite of passage, and we work with you to determine the proper course that works best for your child. To begin that conversation, please email 


The Hebrew word for marriage is Kedushin, derived from the word Kadosh, meaning “holy”. That describes the importance and sanctity of this special moment in the life of a couple. A Rabbi not only performs the ceremony, but works through the preparations necessary for that day, and offers spiritual guidance to help the couple embrace a Jewish life. A wedding ceremony offers the potential to include personalization, and those elements are an important part of crafting the best possible special day.

We celebrate the diversity among and within our synagogue, including LGBTQIA couples, and encourage the engagement of all those who seek a spiritual and communal home in an authentic and dynamic Jewish setting.

Please reach out to our Rabbi before you set the date at


The mitzvah of bikur cholim, visiting the sick, is incumbent upon every Jew. At a time where one’s future is unknown or scary, the presence of your Rabbi can help ease the pain by just being there, holding your hand, and offering a personal Misheberach, a prayer for healing. The Hebrew name of one who is ill can be added to the weekly Misheberach list by notifying our Rabbi at The list is updated every 3-4 months. HIPPA laws do not permit hospitals to notify us of any hospitalizations, so we rely upon family or friends to inform us. 


Navigating through the loss of a loved one is a difficult, emotional process, and Judaism has much to offer to ease the pain. Our Rabbi works with the funeral home to create not only to craft a meaningful farewell to your loved one, but to walk you through the customs of shiva, and beyond. But the relationship does not have to begin with death. Judaism has much to offer to help us through end of life issues, and you are warmly invited to contact to assist you through this difficult time. 

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