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The synagogue is open to all members of Jewish faith, and we also welcome and engage interfaith couples as part of our community. Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha offers countless portals of entry into Jewish life, from prayer and ritual observance, to education and social events. Those interested in membership are welcomed–and encouraged–to pay us a visit in person!

Membership Application

Full Membership

Sustaining dues for 2022 are $1750.

Reduced dues levels are available.

​Contributory memberships above the standard rate are also available to offset those members who cannot afford to pay full dues.

Benefits Include:
  • eligibility to be a board member
  • voting in congregational decisions
  • seats for high holidays
  • utilization of space for life events
  • ability to purchase cemetery plots at member rates
  • access to services and programming

A La Carte Membership


A more customized membership package allows new members to try out the services they need.

Annual buy-in for up to 3 years starting at $100.
$25 per high holiday ticket
Adult education, cultural, and social event packages available ($50 per person)
Religious school ($650 per child) and bar mitzvah lessons ($250 per child + private tutor).

$1000 out-of-pocket maximum 
(excluding Religious School cost)

​       Benefits Include:
  • Eligibility to be a board member
  • Vote in congregational decisions
  • Access to services

Wed, February 1 2023 10 Shevat 5783