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2023 Membership Renewal

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Your continuing membership support in 2023 is vital to our congregation. Tree of Life needs you.  The congregation needs your time, your energy, and yes, your money.  Your membership dues and contributions sustain us in a very real and practical way.

At the Annual Meeting on May 14, 2019 the congregation voted to change the dues structure. A new sustaining amount of $1,750 was approved for all members. This figure was derived by looking at our annual expenses and dividing that figure by the number of member households. It takes into account other revenue sources and fundraising.(Dues payments account for only about one-third of our income.) 

Consistent with what was discussed at the annual meeting, no one will be turned away from Tree of Life. Along with establishing the sustaining amount, we revamped our dues system in order to allow members to pay dues at varying levels - in increments of $250 - as suits their budgets. (Annual dues levels under $500 require approval from a review committee.)

Membership payments above the sustaining rate will offset those members who cannot afford to pay full dues. If you are able to provide additional support, we will be most grateful for your generosity.

While we are most grateful for the donations we received in the past two years from all over the world, those donations are mostly designated and restricted to be used for the victims and families and for building renovation/rebuilding costs only. We are not allowed to use the vast majority of those contributions for our everyday operating expenses.

With your continued and perhaps greater support, we will sustain our shul and grow it into a future that is befitting of all of our members and their individual sacrifices.

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Benefits Include:
  • eligibility to be a board member
  • voting in congregational decisions
  • seats for high holidays
  • utilization of space for life events
  • ability to purchase cemetery plots at member rates
  • access to services and programming

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Dues and Billing Preferences

These are fees charged to Tree of Life for each membership unit. The USCJ membership fee is paid to USCJ.
These are fees charged to Tree of Life for each membership unit. The Security fee is paid to Rodef Shalom.
   Sisterhood ($36)
   Mens Club ($36)

Sat, December 9 2023 26 Kislev 5784