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Upcoming Yahrzeitin

It is customary to light a yahrzeit candle on the evening prior. Your loved one’s name will be read aloud during services: 
 - on the morning of the yahrzeit day
 - on the Friday night immediately following the yahrzeit date 

We encourage you to join us for all or any of these services as a means of honoring your departed loved one.

To be read on September 15, 2023:

Shirley Bloom, Mother of Judy Danenberg
Dolores Brown, Grandmother of Ronna Peacock Pratt
Jennie Cousin, Mother of Allen Cousin, Grandmother of Mona Deleonardis and Jennifer Zampogna
Bernard Danenberg, Father of Alex Danenberg
Louis Frischman, Father of Craig Frischman
Rosalyn Frischman, Mother of Lester Frischman
Sandra Garret, Mother of Paula Garret
Beth Joy Gibbons, Niece of Jacqueline Orlansky
Phyllis Ginsburg, Sister of Rita Chetlin
Sara A Gordon, Mother of Joseph Gordon
Rose Greenberger, Grandmother of Patti Shensa
Dr Leonard Haus, Husband of Marlene Haus
Ralph Kartub, Uncle of Amy Morgan
Regina Kirmayer, Mother of Blima Mitre
Ruth Ann Klein
Fay Lebovitz, Mother of Ellen Marks
Carolyn Livingston, Mother of Mitchell Livingston
Carolyn Livingston, Mother-in-Law of Ellen Livingston
Carol Maidman, Sister of Mark Malvin
Evelyn Maryn, Grandmother of Ellen Surloff
Ida Miller, Mother of Shirley Gerson
Anita Moses
Anna Papernick, Mother of Janet Moritz
Samuel Papernick, Father of Janet Moritz
Israel Presser, Father of Fran Borovetz
Florrine Ruben, Mother of Judy Alpert
Judah Samet
Esther Schmeiser, Aunt of Ben Forman
Edith H Schwartz, Mother of Debora Pechersky
William Spatz, Father of Sherman Spatz
Dorothy Stalnaker, Aunt of Ina Sable
Agnes Venig, Mother-in-Law of Ilene Venig
Nathan Wasserman, Loved One of Kenneth Wasserman

Remaining Yahrzeit Plaques

To prepare the Tree of Life synagogue for rebuilding, we have removed the yahrzeit plaques from the walls. It is our intention to reunite the plaques with their families. Below is a list of all remaining plaques that have not been claimed. Please email to coordinate pickup, mailing, or delivery.

Sat, September 23 2023 8 Tishrei 5784