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Upcoming Yahrzeitin

It is customary to light a yahrzeit candle on the evening prior. Your loved one’s name will be read aloud during services: 
 - on the morning of the yahrzeit day
 - on the Friday night immediately following the yahrzeit date 

We encourage you to join us for all or any of these services as a means of honoring your departed loved one.

To be read on May 19, 2023:

Paul Bernard Blain, Father of Suzy Wall
Howard Buncher, Father of Bonnie Stalinsky and Grandfather of Steve Stalinsky
Robert Edward Davis, Brother of Fred Davis
Sadie Dorfman, Grandmother of Harvey and Burton Borovetz
Marilyn Frohlich, Sister-in-law of Miriam Krieger
Jack Gerson, Grandfather of Barbara Kalla
Anna Ginsberg, Mother of Marilyn Ashkin
Clinton Lando, Father of Sharon Weisberg
Alan Abraham Lederman, Father of Stanley Lederman
Irving Levenson, Father of Joyce Offerman
Sophia Marcus Mann, Mother of Arlene Handmaker
Judith Mendelsohn, Step-Mother of Shirley Bernstein
Sidney Joseph Sable, Father of Michael Sable
Stephen Saltzman, Father of Samantha Saltzman
Esther Schmeiser, Mother of Joan Forman
Murray Alan Segal, Son of Harold Segal
Masha Rochel Staiman, Grandmother of Marcia Stewart

Remaining Yahrzeit Plaques

To prepare the Tree of Life synagogue for rebuilding, we have removed the yahrzeit plaques from the walls. It is our intention to reunite the plaques with their families. Below is a list of all remaining plaques that have not been claimed. Please email to coordinate pickup, mailing, or delivery.

Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783