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Request for Qualifications

Tree of Life*Or L’Simcha (TOLOLS) in Pittsburgh, PA has issued an RFQ for Programming Services. In collaboration with other entities in the community, TOLOLS will be rebuilding and renovating its property at 5898 Wilkins Avenue (to be known as "Wilkins and Shady Project"). TOLOLS is seeking proposals to provide professional programming services for facilitation, coordination, and collaboration of building plans among the community stakeholders. 

We welcome your submission. The RFQ can be downloaded below. All correspondence, questions, and inquiries should be sent to

AMENDMENT TO Article 5 (Compensation) and Submission Requirements/Required Content #5: Please be sure to submit your fee schedule in a separate email or envelope.


1. On page 3 where it states: “Prepare for and conduct interviews by identifying key individuals to be interviewed…” As it is unknown how many interviews are to be conducted, would it be possible for you to state a number being considered at this time, so that all respondents will be on the same page? Each respondent could have very varying impressions as to how many interviews will need to be conducted.

The number of possible stakeholders, interested entities, potential tenants is still developing. For purposes of this RFQ, we will say 3-5, with the understanding that fees would change if that number increases or decreases.

The full proposal can be downloaded here:


Sat, November 28 2020 12 Kislev 5781