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please god, bless america.

01/07/2021 08:53:48 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

I’m speechless. I really don’t have the words. To watch an insurrection at the US Capitol, and learn that the previous assault at the Capitol was in 1814 when the British Army stormed during the War of 1812 and burned down the Capitol is horrific. I was brought to tears and traumatized, as I’m sure many of you were. For shame. Only questions remain.

Who was the source of the agitation?

Who condoned it and did not condemn it?

Whose words of H inspired actions that have not occurred since 1814?

When is it ever acceptable to utilize violence in support of your point of view?

Why is sedition being tolerated as the norm?

What answers do we offer to the rest of the world?

What answers do we offer to ourselves?

There is much soul searching that every American must engage in, to examine what we want to become. H speech, no matter whom it comes from, creates an environment of terror, one that I have experienced firsthand. I pray that January 6, 2021, leads to a national reckoning with positive outcomes only. I shudder when I think of those who reject this.

To paraphrase the prayer for our country, which many have posted, I pray that God imbue our elected leaders with wisdom to make the right choices for all Americans, regardless of whom they are, so that we can find the right moment to utter the immortal words “We, the people” and mean it. May God bless America. We sorely need it right now.

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781