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An Attitude of Gratitude v. 2.0

03/25/2020 11:28:47 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

It might seem peculiar to read someone use the word “grateful” during this pandemic. Rather, it is far easier to inject into one’s writings a slew of negative adjectives describing our lot at this time. During bleak times, hope seems to be absent. We need to remember that despite the cloudiest of days, the sun is still shining. We just cannot see it, but it’s there.

Our prayers are comprised of Biblical selections interspersed with the yearnings of great poets over the millennia. I have quickly read through many of these passages without taking the time to reflect. This morning I paused and reflected upon the following:

How good is our portion, how pleasant our lot, how beautiful our heritage.

My clouds dissipated and the sun shone forth as I came to recognize that there is so much to be grateful for during this period of isolation, to wit:

  • I am grateful for the presence of family and friends in my life.
  • I am grateful that we are safe and well.
  • I am grateful for a roof over my head, food on my table, clothing on my back.
  • I am grateful that I woke up this morning and my body still works.
  • I am grateful for the incredible opportunities that technology can provide to see and hear my family and friends, explore the wonders of the universe, listen to opera, musicals and the philharmonic, peer into museums, download books and learn new skills.
  • I am grateful for the countless people who are putting themselves at risk each day to offer a range of goods and services crucial to our society: medical personnel; police and fire; grocery store workers; mail carriers; truckers and delivery personnel; pharmacy personnel; public transportation personnel; sanitation workers; news media; elected officials.
  • I am grateful to have God in my life.

I encourage you to take some time today, upon reading my post, to take stock. Perhaps you might amaze yourself to discover how much there is in your life of which you can be grateful. I welcome your sharing your list with me. While I have used this phrase before, and do not claim to be the originator, we must reclaim an “Attitude of Gratitude”. The clouds will yield to the sun; they always do. Be safe. Be well.

Mon, August 2 2021 24 Av 5781