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Let's do jewish!

12/19/2019 09:42:39 AM


Rabbi Jeffrey Myers

Every December, we are constantly reminded of the arrival of Christmas.  While I too enjoy the music and beautiful decorations, sometimes it can be overwhelming.  There are many ways to enjoy what the Jewish community has to offer, and below are some suggestions to nourish your soul and that of your family:

  1. Set aside time every evening to light the Chanukah menorah.
  2. Come to services.  Whether it is a weekday morning or evening, Shabbat eve or Shabbat morning, there is a built-in community awaiting you.
  3. If you do not currently do so, create a Friday evening family dinner.  Make Kiddush.  Bless the Challah.  Unplug your electronic devices and enjoy Shabbat with your family.
  4. Have a latke-making party with family and/or friends.
  5. Listen to Jewish music, whether it is live, on satellite radio or cds.
  6. Seek out Jewish programming on television.
  7. Rent Jewish movies.
  8. Read Jewish stories and books.
  9. Eat out at a Jewish restaurant.
  10. Go to a Jewish museum.
  11. Seek out a new kosher recipe, or one you’ve always wanted to make, and make it.
  12. Involve yourself in a new way at Tree of Life.  If you don’t have an idea, call me. Trust me, I’ve got plenty!
  13. Pick up a book of Psalms and read one a day. The texts are amazing and moving.
  14. Study a Jewish text, whether it be the portion of the week (which is available on-line), a prayer from the siddur, or a text you’ve never found the time for.
  15. Host a Chanukah party. In lieu of gifts, have each attendee set aside a sum of money and donate that money to a favorite charity.
  16. Volunteer your time at an appropriate facility on Christmas Day, so that those of the Christian faith can celebrate Christmas with their families.
  17. When you do your food shopping, fill up one bag with non-perishable items. Bring that bag to a food pantry.
  18. Acquire a Chanukah tie, or Chanukah socks, or an ugly Chanukah sweater.

Perhaps this list might spur you on to new ideas, which I invite you to share with me.  Advice and assistance is always available to all who seek it.  Just ask.  Make this Chanukah one of discovery and the creation of new and wonderful family memories.


Mon, August 2 2021 24 Av 5781